Two Year AICTE PGDM Programme


60% Rise in Demand


for Artificial Intelligence experts in 2018 (as per Kelly OCG)



feel the shortage of skilled professionals in AI
(as per Intel/IDC)


the estimated size of the AI sector in India and abroad by 2030
(as per PwC)



PGDM (Advertising Communication)

with focus on IBM Co-Certified Digital & Social Media Marketing


EMPI pioneered in India one of the first programmes that combined advertising communication and marketing in one integrated programme to train people for India’s rapidly burgeoning media sector. After all these years, Alumni have found senior positions as Media Managers, Planners, Public Relations Executives, Filmmakers in leading Media companies. The programme is now being re-oriented to address the drastic change in the media sector today with the movement away from traditional media of print and broadcast to internet-based platforms. Unfortunately, there is a chronic deficit of talent in the field as there are four disparate strands of skill sets required – Technology, Content, Design and Marketing. Currently, one gets professionals with one or two, but not all skill sets. Jointly with IBM, EMPI is re-structuring its highly successful AdCoMM Programme to address this critical skill deficit in the industry.

Scope and Objectives:

  • To enhance the creative competencies and enhance the managerial aptitude of the students in order to make them excel in the dynamic and highly competitive media industry
  • To prepare students for Digital and Social Media marketing that are drastically re-writing the rules of Advertising and Communication.
  • To provide hands-on training on the planning and production of brand campaigns.
  • To provide skills on various relevant software like TAM etc. used in media planning and production of campaigns.
  • To enable students to design and implement digital and social media marketing strategies

Highlights of the Specialisation:

The value-added software and teaching input creates the synergistic link between a trainer and a trainee. The programme highlights different aspects of the emerging market and also Advertising & Creative Component of Brand Building. The research input will improve the attitude and make them more conversational from Reel world to the Real-world. Audio, Video techniques are more purposive and meet the need-based actualization process. 

Students will get a chance to for the first time in India understand the key separate components to become successful digital marketing professionals – web technologies, design, content development and marketing principles. 

Job Opportunities:

The course opens up career opportunities in communications agencies and marketing departments of client companies. Career areas include developing creative advertising messages, creating digital strategy, generating branded content and project managing PR events, developing digital media plans for big brands, researching buying behaviour and new advertising concepts etc.

Our alumni can be found in almost all major media companies across the spectrum. They are working with the leading agencies like Lintas Lowe, Leo Burnett, McCann Erickson, Mudra, JWT, FCB ULKA, R K Swamy BBDO, Euro RSCG, Publicis, Corporate Voice, Perfect Relations, IPAN, Genesis, Bates David, Wizcraft, Percept H, PDM, Rediffusion etc. Further, they are Filmmakers with the likes of the legendary Prahalad Kakkar and have also set up their own Enterprises.

PGDM (General Management)

Specialisations in Finance/Operations Marketing 
(Option to choose IBM / ManpowerGroup Co-Certified Programmes as second specialisation)



Indian financial sector has experienced a growth rate of 8.5% per annum. The current thrust in financial and monetary policies must be able to sustain a stable growth rate. The course on PGDM in Finance, Accounting & Control is an excellent preparation for a financial career in a diverse range of business organisations. Designed for students who are looking for PGDM Colleges in Delhi NCR with no prior qualifications in accounting or finance, it focuses on accounting techniques, financial tools and their impact on the day-to-day management of operational and corporate affairs. The PGDM program at EMPI aims to provide the potential students with the rare and unique knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a professional career in accounting, financial services or related sectors of the economy.

Scope and Objectives: 

PGDM in Finance, Accounting & Control aims at offering a unique opportunity to sensitize the students on the current developments in accounting and finance. The programme is designed to help students to adapt to the constantly evolving fields of accounting and finance, while preparing them for success in both.
At the end of this programme, it is expected that students will be able to:
  • Develop a global perspective on the process of financial decision-making, practical working knowledge of financial markets and the price-setting
  • Develop technical skills needed to interpret and critically evaluate financial statements and apply decision- making skills to complex
  • Develop transferable skills – e., enhanced numerical skills and fluency in spreadsheet use and the ability to communicate challenging material both orally and in writing.
  • Develop decision making skills – i.e., to imbue students with the discipline required to make good investment decisions.

Highlights of the Specialisation:

Our programme has been designed to provide students the necessary theoretical and practical background for careers in the following finance related fields:

  • To provide through grounding in to the functional aspects of Accounting and Finance To develop Accounting and Financial management skills and competencies.
  • To provide students with an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they have gained in an individual, accounting and finance-related research investigation.
  • To make the students aware of the issues of financial irregularities and an understanding of the importance of the ethical process.
  • To take a strategic look at current issues in the financial world,
  • To critically analyse financial data
  • To provide a sound foundation for students seeking progression in a managerial or professional role, or for those wishing to undertake further advanced studies


At EMPI the Modules are taught by a combination of lectures and small group learning in the form of seminars, workshops or computing labs, case studies, projects, group discussions and interaction with experienced bankers and that makes it one of the best PGDM Programs in Delhi NCR


Job Opportunities:

Finance forms a major part of the operations of any company and there are great opportunities lying ahead for a person equipped with PGDM Program in Finance. Career options include management- level positions in industry or government. Our placement cell is one of the most active for placements of EMPI PGDM students.

Below are some indicative lists of sectors where Jobs with better packages and designations are possible:

  • Banking sector
  • Insurance sector
  • Capital Market
  • Accounting sector
  • Wealth Management
  • Finance sector.
  • Mutual Funds
  • Research
  • Private Equity


Innovation and Operations Management 


Innovation management, a discipline of managing processes in innovation, is used to develop both product and organizational innovation. The focus is to allow managers and engineers to collaborate with a common understanding of goals and processes. This program is specifically designed to give engineering, science and other technology-oriented students a strong exposure to core business management skills apart from providing in-depth exposure to a host of global innovation management issues. 

Scope and Objective:

The key objective of this course is to train engineers and managers of organization to achieve manufacturing excellence through technology innovation. The course aims to:

  • Introduce and understand Innovation Management
  • Introduce students to Operations Management
  • Equip students to handle the challenges of the increasing globalization
  • Develop an understanding of how Operations Management is practiced, its multiplicity and issues
  • Explore how innovation can be applied within companies to support operations
After the completion of the course, students will be able to accomplish :
  • Effective Operations Management techniques and processes.
  • Create an environment of an effective innovation management.
  • Apply and encourage innovative procedures in their place of work
  • Effectively bridge the gap between the technical knowledge that he/she may have acquired in the earlier studied with the actual operations on the physical world.
  • Function as the effective member of a team managing the operations of a value enhancive process
  • Enable cost efficient operation through effective application tools and techniques of productivity and cost benefit analysis. 

Highlights of the Specialisation:

The key objective of this course is to train engineers and managers of organization to achieve manufacturing excellence through technology innovation. The course aims to:

  • Introduce and understand Innovation Management
  • Introduce students to Operations Management
  • Equip students to handle the challenges of the increasing globalization
  • Develop an understanding of how Operations Management is practiced, its multiplicity and issues
  • Explore how innovation can be applied within companies to support operations 


The program offers a unique project based learning model methodology. The pedagogy constitutes both classroom training and mentorship. While classroom training focuses on transferring knowledge in Innovations & operations management, mentorship reinforces the classroom learning through on- site training. Students would undertake a lot of project work which will provide them an opportunity to convert their thoughts and understanding into action. This unique opportunity of practical training has been very helpful to Students who have been looking for Top PGDM Program in Delhi NCR

Job Opportunities:

This course will assist students to explore career opportunities in a number of areas after completion of their PGDM Program from EMPI . Typical careers in operations management involve activities such as forecasting, supervision, purchasing, inventory planning and control, operations scheduling and control, process methods and planning, quality management, warehouse management, and production planning in diverse industries such as banking, manufacturing, and retailing. Career opportunities in operations management can also involve work in management consulting firms or the development of computer systems for planning and scheduling. Typical job titles include:

  • Business analyst
  • Master production scheduler
  • Production planner
  • Operations analyst
  • Materials manager
  • Quality control specialist
  • Project manager



The Marketing function is crucial to the health and survival of any organization. Marketing Management hones the ability of marketers to choose right target markets, maintain and add right customers by utilizing the power of superior customer relationships. Marketing Management endeavors to meet organizational objectives by effectively fulfilling customers’ needs and requirements in the present dynamically changing environment. If an organization is to survive in today’s turbulent market place it needs marketing to help establish and deliver a competitive advantage – a clear reason why customers chose your business instead of your competitors.

This PGDM course at EMPI has been meticulously designed to provide a thorough understanding of the various marketing processes and marketing principles. It focuses on providing students with the prospect to apply the key concepts to practical business situations, which makes it one of the most sought after PGDM Program in Delhi NCR

This course minutely examines multiple marketing environments while understanding the impact of applying diverse marketing strategies on overall business settings. It discusses the fundamental marketing functions of devising a marketing strategy for product, pricing, distribution and promotion both domestic as well as international frameworks. In a nutshell, this course prepares students who are looking for best PGDM colleges in Delhi to think strategically in today’s global marketing environment and be successful management professionals.

Scope and Objectives:

Key objectives of this course include:
  • Understand how organizations can benefit by creating and delivering value to its customers and stakeholders.
  • Develop skills to apply analytical concepts and tools of marketing to segmentation and targeting, branding, pricing, distribution, and
  • Enhance students’ understanding of marketing strategy when empowered consumers are in control.
  • Familiarize students with the best practices in the development of new marketing business models and
  • Recognize the role of methodical information gathering and analysis in making marketing decisions.
The learning outcomes of this course include:
  • Learn the fundamentals of implementing marketing strategies in organizations,
  • Evaluate the social, ethical, legal and political concerns in marketing,
  • Understand the function of marketing in a competitive, dynamic global
  • Develop effective strategic and marketing analysis

Highlights of the Specialisation:

  • Industry Integrated
  • Live Projects for Practical Understanding
  • Internships
  • Faculty from Corporate/Industry
  • Regular Corporate Connects


Key concepts will be introduced using lecture, refined through group discussion and applied through exercises, case studies, writing assignments live projects and internship. Student participation is an important component of the course. Students who are looking for Colleges for PGDM in Delhi NCR will be motivated to come to the class prepared, and participate in discussions on different cases. Faculty and experts from industry participate in imparting one of the best PGDM Program to ensure that a balance is maintained between theoretical constructs and the practical aspects of business management.

Job Opportunities:

Having PGDM in marketing, you will have a fabulous career in the areas of marketing, public affairs, advertising, and business management. You will be qualified to work in different sectors of the firm like marketing management, marketing research or consulting, sales management, distribution control, product development, product branding, advertising, new venture creation, e-commerce, IT department, project management, etc. Besides, the student can find employment in industry sectors which include not-for-profit, private and public organizations. As per an estimation, Global Marketing will be 5000000 plus (Demand 2014,, which is a way higher than any other field of management.

The marketing field offers a variety of interesting and challenging career opportunities. Some of the roles a person is eligible for are as follows:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Brand or Product Manager
  • Customer Relationship Manager
  • Event Coordinator
  • Marketing Communications Manager
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Marketing Researcher
  • Advertising Manager
  • Consumer Behaviour Consultant
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Retail Manager

PGDM (Global Business)

with focus on IBM Co-Certified E-Commerce


EMPI Business School pioneered in India a top PGDM program that addressed the globalization of business as India integrated with the world economy and global trade rose dramatically through the last 25 years. However, the process of globalization has witnessed along with the explosion of the Internet economy, the rise of e-commerce. India in the last few years has witnessed a surprising upsurge in e-commerce activities. These have come about because of a number of changes. Firstly, the success of local e-commerce companies have been based on Indian software capability to mix and match various technologies on the cheap. Secondly, the whole concept of electronic transactions being based on a legal structure designed for physical transactions with its attendant financial and consumer issues. Thirdly, there is the larger concern of international equity being used to depress prices to expand market share and bring valuation and fourthly, the security aspect of secure transactions over the wireless internet and finally a huge dearth of Management and skills to effectively manage the dramatic scaling up that is happening in the sector.

Jointly along with IBM, EMPI is restructuring its PGDM global business programme to bring in elements of e-commerce so as to make prospective students ready for this exploding field. This initiative has made it truly the best PGDM Program in Delhi NCR.

Scope and Objectives:

The learning outcome at the end of the course is aimed at:

  • The students will acquire sound knowledge on various international trade practices, international marketing strategies and various financial aspects of international business
  • Preparing students with skill sets in E-Commerce to fit into the rapidly globally burgeoning sector
  • Develop competence in globally applied business skills such as cross-cultural management, foreign languages

Demonstrate sound decision making and teamwork.

Programme Highlights :

  • Certificate from IBM at the completion of the course
  • The programme aims to highlight the understanding of various functional areas of Global Business Management such as logistics, e-commerce, international finance, trade etc.
  • AIU & AICTE approved PGDM Program
  • IBM Social Business Lab Set up at EMPI’s Residential Campus
  • An innovative curriculum developed and delivered jointly by IBM and EMPI faculty
  • IBM designated experts and EMPI Faculty to jointly conduct classes at EMPI
  • IBM experts will provide real-world challenges for project experience and also mentor the students
  • Latest software content, real-world industry experiences, hands-on lab courses, best practices and case studies for the participants 

Job Opportunities:

A student can start his/her career as an executive. For the right person, there are virtually no upper limits to the growth of his career. Job opportunities exist in a host of companies in the marketing/international marketing/logistics companies such as Cargil, Hitachi, Jindal Steel, Kanemetsu, Syno Steel, Liansu, Kuehne Nagel, Kintetsu, Safexpress, Carvel Logistics, Samsung, Makemytrip, Expedia, Zomato, Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra where our students have already been successfully placed after their PGDM Program.

PGDM (Human Resources)

with focus on ManpowerGroup Co-Certified Talent Acquisition and HR Operations 

World’s Leading Fortune 500 HR MNC, in 80 Countries


EMPI’s Udai Pareek Human Resource Laboratory for Applied Behavioral Sciences (UP HR-LABS) is a centre of Excellence in HR at EMPI Business School New Delhi. Foundation stone of UP HR-LABS was laid down on May 3, 2004, under the Chairmanship of Dr. Udai Pareek, the then Chairman of the Academy of Human Resource Development, Ahmedabad and former L&T Chair Professor of Organizational Behavior at IIM Ahmedabad, and popularly known as the “HRD Guru” or the “Father of HRD Movement in India”. It started with a vision to produce competent HR professionals, who can make a unique contribution to business rather than just provide HR services by working in the areas of education, training, consultancy, research and Assessment Centre and since then its is the most sought after PGDM (HR) Program in Delhi NCR

Now EMPI has tied up with one of the world’s largest HR MNC, ManpowerGroup (A Fortune 500 Company with operations in more than 80 countries) to equip students with specialized skills that shall drastically increase their employability and make them relevant Talent managers in the 21st century “War of talent” that shall determine the future course of Companies and Countries. These specialized skills make our students confident about their placements after PGDM Program.

Scope and Objectives:

Human Resource is the pillar of every organization. All resources in an organization can be bought by paying a cost but the skilled human resource may not even come for a cost. Thus the role of HR is changing to a more strategic arena where it no longer plays a maintenance role but as frontrunners of organization. The course equips the students with knowledge of all HR activity from Human Resource Planning, Compensation Management, and Career Development, Grievance Handling and HR Audit etc.


  • The program was broadly conceived under the leadership of the late Dr. Udai Pareek-the father of HR movement in India with a vision to create the best PGDM in Human
  • The uniqueness of the program lies in the approach towards its design and conduct with a drastic re-modelling of practical inputs woven around theory through Projects/Live assignments from MNC Clients’ of the ManpowerGroup
  • The focus of the PGDM program is on experiential learning with a strong conceptual base of applied psychology and behavioural sciences and their amalgamation with management
  • The program comprises of two-years of class intervention through experiential, experimental and practical learning
  • The program is highly interactive and innovative. The course structure provides a perfect combination of conceptual framework and practical insights to meet the challenges of the industry


Pedagogy will be experiential, practical based and experimental learning. Besides Classroom learning, simulation of the business environment through management games, the use of psychometric instruments, role plays, case studies, films, and group discussions will make learning purposeful and effective. Further, the pedagogy in a sandwich model shall inter-weave theory and practice in and out of the Classroom and will involve Students working on actual “Live Projects” drawn together with the ManpowerGroup.

Job Opportunities:

Opportunities for HR students are in the area of recruitment, staffing and talent acquisition, HR Operations, HR consulting, training &development, compensation management & benefits in all sectors. With the theoretical knowledge boosted by practical exposure, the students will fully job-ready for an outstanding HR Career in India and abroad.

PGDM (Research & Business Analytics)

IBM Co-Certified Research and Business Analytics Programme


EMPI is the proud pioneer for conducting Business Analytics education awarding 2-Years full time PGDM (approved by AICTE/ equivalent to MBA, Approved by AIU) since 2008. Celebrating its 20th year, EMPI in association with the IBM now announces ‘Innovation’ embedded, industry integrated analytics programs enhancing thereby global career opportunity for employment. 

Objective and learning outcome

The programme is designed to equip students with skills that are in high market demand and provides profound knowledge and understanding of General Management. At the end of the programme, participants will be able to: conceptualize, organize, and produce knowledge solutions to complex real life business problems and have a comprehensive understanding of the functional areas of Business Analytics. 

Programme Highlights

  • Only Institute in Delhi offering IBM Co-certified Business Analytics Programme
  • Certificate from IBM at the completion of the course
  • Programme is approved by AICTE and recognized by AIU
  • IBM Business Analytics Lab Set at EMPI’s Residential Campus
  • An innovative curriculum developed and delivered jointly by IBM and EMPI faculty
  • The curriculum caters to the various skill requirements of organizations worldwide including Banks, Computer Services, Education, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail and other industries
  • IBM designated experts and EMPI Faculty to jointly conduct classes at EMPI
  • IBM experts will provide real world challenges for project experience and also mentor the students
  • Latest software content, real-world industry experiences, hands on lab courses, best practices and case studies for the participants
  • Printed course material from IBM
  • Access to various IBM online study material and resources
  • Opportunity to visit IBM centers for live industry experience
  • Opportunity to participate in various National/International award winning contests including IBM’s The Great Mind Challenge 


The pedagogy involves extensive classroom instructions, guest lectures, case analysis, fieldwork, project work, presentation, quizzes, industrial visits, seminars etc. along with hands on training at the IBM Business Analytics Lab at EMPI on various Business Analytics tools. 


Bachelor’s Degree in Management, Engineering, Science or Commerce will be preferred. Students pursuing their final year graduation can also apply. Preference will be given to the applicants with work experience. 

Job Opportunities

Job opportunities exist in a host of companies in the Research, IT & ITES, Marketing, Finance, Operations etc. Companies include IBM, Capital IQ, WNS, American Express, Citi Bank, E-Valueserve, Copal Partners, HCL, Deloitte, amongst a host of others where EMPI Business Analytics students are already working.

Eligibility Criteria:

The minimum eligibility criteria for admission to Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) courses is at least a 3-year Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any discipline recognized by the Association of Indian Universities / AICTE as eligible for Post Graduate Studies. Candidates in the final year of a Bachelor’s degree course or equivalent are also eligible to apply. However they are required to furnish the proof of graduation before 30th October of the year of joining.

All applicants should first pre-qualify through EMPI prescribed tests. As such all applicants taking the CAT / MAT / CMAT / XAT / ATMA examination, achieving high percentile score are considered for selection for the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) programmes. This attainment is considered as pre-qualification for the stage – II selection procedure of EMPI. All candidates clearing the pre-qualifying test are also required to go through EMPI’s comprehensive Personality Assessment and Profiling Exercise conducted at our Personality Assessment Centre – resulting in building up of a datasheet on each candidate’s strengths / weaknesses. This is subsequently availed to support the student in developing his/her personality through Personality Assessment Centre, Enhancement and Upgradation Processes (PACE-UP) Programme.


How to Apply:

  • Application Form and Prospectus are available on payment of Rs. 1000/- by cash or through post by sending a DD of Rs. 1100/-. Form can also be downloaded from EMPI website. Demand Draft should be drawn in favour of “EMPI PGI” payable at New Delhi.
  • An applicant can also apply online by paying Rs. 750/- through Net Banking or by Debit/Credit Cards.
  • The application must be accompanied by self-attested copies of mark sheets (10th class onwards) and other certificates. Incomplete applications in any respect will not be processed.
  • Canvassing in any form will lead to disqualification.
  • Any misrepresentation or suppression of information and misconduct during or after selection will lead to cancellation of admission and expulsion.
  • EMPI Management reserves the right of final decision on admission in accordance with its policy criteria for the overall assessment of individuals.

MPI – PGDM Fees & Expenses Schedule for the Class of 2020-22


1st Year

2nd Year

Total (2 years)


Annual Academic/ Tuition Charges


Administrative and other support charges

Admission and Registration Charges

Refundable / Adjustable Deposit

Rs. 2,94,000/-

Rs. 88,000/-

Rs. 15,000/-

Rs. 15,000/-

Rs. 2,94,000/-

Rs. 69,000/-



Rs. 5,88,000/-


Rs. 1,57,000/-





Grand Total




Rs. 3,63,000/-


Rs. 7,75,000/-


Residential charges for Campus Residents (Lodging & Boarding)




Rs. 1,15, 750/-



Rs. 1,14,250/-



Rs. 2,30,000/-


Grand Total


For Campus Residents  (Academic + Hostel Fees)



Grand Total


For Non Residents  (Only Academic Fee)






Rs. 5,27,750/-



Rs. 4,12,000/-


Rs. 4,77,250/-



Rs. 3,63,000/-


Rs. 10,05,000



Rs. 7,75,000/-

Management reserves the right to enhance the charges if deemed fit to meet variations in major price rise / Govt. regulations etc.


  1. AC accommodation option is also available on extra charges.

Final Placement

Salary Details of Batch                            2016-2018                  2017-2019                                 

  • Maximum CTC                                9.25 Lacs p.a.            12.80 Lacs p.a.

  • Average CTC                                   5.45 Lacs p.a.              6.50 Lacs p.a.

  • Minimum CTC                                4.10 Lacs p.a.              4.50 Lacs p.a.

Placed Students Of Batch 2018-20

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